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We create beautiful GRASS CRAFT PRODUCTS

Being an artisan means more than technical virtuosity. It involves a profound understanding of materials and the tools with which materials are fashioned.

More importantly, it involves a genuine pride which drives an individual to craft and weave as well as can be done… beyond what is required…beyond economic considerations…. This impulse can be called the cult of excellence. It is this impulse which has through history led to the perpetuation of the great traditions of artisanship.

The raw material

The raw material, Kaincha (Vetiver zizanoides), a wild grass springs up in marshy areas after the first monsoon

Once split

Once split, the golden grass is ready to be dried in the sun. Each lot of raw material collected has to be dried for four or five days

Grass Dries

As the grass dries up, it changes colour from a pale green to a mild yellow. Gradually, this takes on a tinge of golden yellow.

Golden grass

Golden grass weaving today retains its roots as a home – based industry. Locally available material and existing skills are leveraged to generate income for a family.

About Our Expert

  • Nirupama Parida picked out a golden grass hand fan from the shelf and held it up proudly. She made that just before she got married… over 45 years ago. When the cyclone struck Thailo, her village, the fan was buried under the rubble for eight days. She retrieved it only after the water receded.

    Nirupama    Parida
  • Sundari Das was the forst person to introduce thailo to this craft. However, it was Nirupama Parida who, a generation later, can be credited with the spread of the craft to other interested women in the village.

    Sundari    Das